JTC2024 PMTargets Information Day

January 15, 2024

Participants joining the workshop were provided with general information regarding EP PerMed, received tips and tricks regarding the successful integration of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) perspective in proposals and received an introduction into the Joint Transnational Call 2024 by the Joint Call Secretariat team 2024.

Alexandru Costescu, Policy Officer on Health Research, DG Research & Innovation adressed welcoming words to the audience. The presentations as well as the replay are now available. Also, the online submission system for pre-proposals (PT-Outline) and our EP PerMed Partnering Tool for Personalised Medicine Research are now both open.


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The ERA4Health Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) Guidelines are available on the ERA4Health website.

For any question, you can also contact the Joint Call Secretariat 2024 (ANR): EPPerMed@agencherecherche.fr