Mission & Objectives

The vision of the European Partnership for Personalised Medicine is to improve health outcomes within sustainable healthcare systems through research, development, innovation and implementation of personalised medicine approaches for the benefit of patients, citizens, and society.

EP PerMed as a coordination platform brings together European as well as international, national and regional ministries and funding organisations, agencies and authorities, joining forces on several levels and sectors. 

To realise the full potential of personalised medicine (PM), EP PerMed supports the entire PM value continuum by a wide range of definite actions, such as joint research funding and supporting activities, partnering and tailored tools, to accelerate PM innovations, which are completed by specific activities to support PM implementation. All activities are accompanied by supportive conditions regarding policy and regulatory frameworks, end-user engagement, education and knowledge exchange, aligned strategies and priority settings. The 1st Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for Personalised Medicine (SRIA for PM, 2023) is guiding the tasks and actions to enable more PM and personalised prevention strategies.

The objectives of EP PerMed are:

  • Putting Europe at the forefront of research and innovation through the support of multidisciplinary actions open to international cooperation.
  • Translating basic research into clinical applications that make a difference for patients, their families and healthcare professionals.
  • Integrating big data and digital health solutions in research and personalised healthcare.
  • Strengthening the European healthcare industry and accelerating the uptake of personalised medicine solutions.
  • Providing socio-economic evidence of the feasibility of personalised medicine approaches for its uptake by sustainable healthcare systems.
  • Developing appropriate ecosystems for the implementation of successful personalised medicine approaches and a swift uptake of relevant innovations by healthcare systems.
  • Improving health outcomes for citizen and patients and ensuring a wide access to advanced personalised medicine intervention approaches to all.
  • Establishing a European national and regional network of research and innovation systems dedicated to personalised medicine.
  • Filling scientific knowledge gaps, producing evidence and developing guidance and tools in priority areas for the development and the deployment of personalised medicine.