International & Regional Activities

Learning from each other is key in the field of personalised medicine

In the field of personalised medicine, international cooperation has tradition. Since 2016 the International Consortium for Personalised Medicine (ICPerMed) with more than 40 European and international partners provides a platform to initiate and support communication and exchange on personalised medicine research funding and implementation. The European Partnership for Personalised Medicine seeks for close collaboration with ICPerMed by meeting regularly and organising joint events. Thereby EP PerMed and ICPerMed explore synergies on identifying suitable frameworks for personalised medicine research and implementation. While EP PerMed focuses on research funding, innovation building and implementation facilitating, ICPerMed provides political perspectives as well as learning from an international funders’ network in this partnership.

Besides ICPerMed, EP PerMed will expand its contacts to relevant personalised medicine projects and initiatives worldwide such as members of the ICPerMed Family, the project Prophet, the 1M+-Initiative and the other partnerships funded within the health cluster.

Further, EP PerMed looks out for increasing its regional network in order to identify personalised medicine implementation supporting frameworks. Serving as best practice examples, the identified frameworks should be rolled out from pilot to widely used personalised medicine approaches.