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The European Partnership for Personalised Medicine (EP PerMed) fosters collaboration and networking in all areas of personalised medicine between healthcare providers, researchers, citizens, payers and industry to accelerate the development and translation of personalised medicine approaches into healthcare, clinical applications and prevention.

EP PerMed acts as a coordination and funding platform, bringing together more than 50 European national ministries and funding agencies in the Research Area for Health and Wellbeing. In addition, several regional authorities and government departments such as ministries of health, research, innovation and education have already joined. Thus, the establishment of the personalised medicine concept can only be successful by joining forces at several levels and sectors, e.g., to obtain a critical mass of data or to share evidence. Therefore, EP PerMed will also promote international and technology collaboration related to personalised medicine (PM).

An overview of the EP PerMed PM “value continuum” or ”system of health as described in the first Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for Personalised Medicine (2023) is shown in the figure above. Results from one sector or area should feed into the next step/s, but also should give feedback to previous step/s in the value continuum, forming a cycle of knowledge and developments that flows bi-directional. EP PerMed activities and actions aim to support all aspects, key players and elements in this process.


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Wolfgang Ballensiefen

The common vision of the European Partnership for Personalised Medicine is to improve health outcomes within sustainable healthcare systems through research, development, innovation and implementation of personalised medicine approaches for the benefit of patients, citizens and society. The partnership will contribute to Europe’s goal of being at the forefront of science and innovation in health research by 2050.

The partnership will foster collaboration and networking between healthcare providers, payers, researchers, citizens and industry to accelerate the translation of personalised medicine into healthcare, clinical applications and prevention, and clinical results back into this PM continuum. The Partnership will support the update of guidelines to facilitate the development, approval and adoption of personalised medicine approaches through improved policies and legislation, including regulation, value considerations and evaluations as well as reimbursement mechanisms within sustainable healthcare systems.