Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda for Personalised Medicine

Consistent with the impact-driven approach adopted by Horizon Europe and to support personalised medicine developments, the European Commission and the Member States, including several regions, joined forces in the development of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) for Personalised Medicine.

This process was highly triggered by the plan of the EU to set up a European Partnership for Personalised Medicine (EP PerMed). Thus, a SRIA drafting group (dg) was established to prepare goals and activities for EP PerMed. These activities were strongly supported by the International Consortium for Personalised Medicine (ICPerMed) and related EU-funded coordination and support actions as well as the ERA PerMed (ERA-Net co-fund for Personalised Medicine, 2017-2023) and national initiatives.

The so-called Triplets of Action (ToA) are the core element of this strategic document. They define certain challenges, objectives, and the expected outcome of actions to foster personalised medicine research and the implementation of innovative personalised medicine approaches. They are presented along the main areas crucial for an effective development of personalised medicine:

  • interdisciplinary research efforts
  • successful innovation
  • implementation of personalised medicine approaches into healthcare

Further ToAs were identified for overarching activities to support personalised medicine development and implementation. Although placed in specific chapters, many ToAs are relevant for the entire or more than one element of the personalised medicine value continuum. The identified ToAs were validated and refined through an open consultation (Nov-Dec 2022) and an expert workshop in Pamplona (Jan 2023).

Extensive consultations included interviews with almost 70 experts and stakeholders related to personalised medicine to gather general ideas, recommendations, and information related to personalised medicine and, particularly, to identify the Triplets of Action.

The SRIA for PM (2023) presents in total 57 ToAs, valuable recommendations, and conclusions to enable the future development and adaption of personalised medicine approaches for the benefit of patients, citizens, and sustainable healthcare systems. During the runtime of EP PerMed it is planned to update this SRIA document according to latest advances and other crucial developments for example in biomedical research or various technologies related to personalised medicine.