International Cooperation in Personalised Medicine

The Sino-EU PerMed project started in January 2020. The project received a two million euro grant from the European Framework Programme Horizon 2020 and aimed to foster cooperation between Europe and China in the field of personalised medicine.

The project consortium consisted of six research and research management organisations in Europe and China, namely the German Aerospace Center – Project Management Agency (coordinator), Fondazione Toscana Life Sciences, Innovation Fund Denmark, Health Research Board Ireland, Jiangsu International Technology Transfer Center and Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health.

The European partners were actively involved in ICPerMed, related initiatives and activities as well as EP PerMed. Therefore, one of the objectives of this project was to promote cooperation between Chinese health organisations and ICPerMed and to identify areas of mutual interest.

One aspect of the Sino-EU PerMed project was to analyse publications and patents related to personalised medicine in Europe and China. This analysis led to the development of an interactive database. In addition, two policy briefs were produced based on discussions with our task forces, workshops and delegation visits. One of these briefs focuses on science and technology cooperation, while the other focuses on ethical, legal and societal aspects of personalised medicine cooperation between Europe and China.

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Ethical, Legal, and Social Aspects (ELSA)

The cooperation between Europe and China in personalised medicine has the potential to significantly advance patient care and healthcare outcomes. However, several ethical, legal, and social challenges must be addressed to ensure the responsible and ethical implementation of personalised medicine practices.

This policy brief provides an overview of the key ethical, legal, and social aspects that need to be considered in the cooperation between Europe and China in personalised medicine. It also gives recommendations to ensure that personalised medicine benefits patients, healthcare providers, and society as a whole.

science & Technology

In recent years, both Europe and China have made significant investments in personalised medicine research and development, making them key players in driving innovation in this field.

This policy brief explores the potential for cooperation between Europe and China in advancing personalised medicine. It examines the current state of personalised medicine R&D in both regions, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement. In addition, the brief outlines the benefits of increased collaboration between Europe and China in personalised medicine. It also identifies key challenges and barriers to collaboration.

Finally, the policy brief provides recommendations for policy makers and researchers  on how to enhance cooperation between Europe and China in the field of personalised medicine.