EP PerMed Joint Transnational Call 2024 Announcement

With its first JTC, EP PerMed aims to fund research that fosters the identification or validation of targets for personalised medicine (PM) approaches. The overall objectives of the JTC2024 are to

  • Support research projects in human health aiming at identifying or validating targets for personalised medicine approaches in combination with development of companion biomarkers or other markers to allow for monitoring of treatment outcomes and patient stratification;
  • Encourage and enable interdisciplinary collaborations by combining pre-clinical and clinical research in translational projects, and multi-actor research by engaging a range of other relevant disciplines such as bioinformatics/health informatics/data research, ELSA research, implementation research or health economics research connected to the proposed research topic, including end-user perspective analysis to empower the implementation of PM; and
  • Encourage cross-sectorial collaborations, by including the private sector (e.g. SMEs, small and medium-sized enterprises), industry, as well as regulatory/HTA agencies and patient organisations.

Important dates